Is Your Car A Lemon?

Michigan’s Lemon Law protects consumers who have bought or leased a brand new car that is defective. If your new car, truck or SUV has had repeated problems that the dealer cannot repair, you may be able to make the manufacturer buy the vehicle back from you.  The most important factor is how many times has it been repaired? If it has been brought in 3 or more times for the same problem — and the problem still exists — then the Lemon Law may be your answer. And, if the vehicle has been in the shop for a cumulative 30 days in the first year you owned or leased it, that too would qualify as a lemon.

If you have questions or comments on the Lemon Law, call me to discuss them. There is no charge for the consultation. Further, the Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay your attorney’s fees and court costs on your behalf. That means: If you have a good case you will never have to pay attorney’s fees to enforce your rights under the Lemon Law.