If Your Car is a Lemon…

Call us for a free consultation. An attorney will be happy to review your case.

You need to be aware that out-of-state law firms sometimes claim to “specialize” in Michigan lemon law claims. We, a MICHIGAN firm, handle nothing but MICHIGAN lemon law cases. Law firms that claim to specialize in the law of multiple states cannot be expected to know Michigan law as well as a law firm that specializes in nothing but Michigan law

Statutory fees are available under the lemon law, so that we never charge fees to our clients (the Defendants pay!)

Recently, the Big Three auto manufacturers have instituted litigation prevention programs. Although not all attorneys take advantage of these programs that settle lemon law cases without litigation, we believe strongly in them for several reasons:

  1. Faster results for the consumer;
  2. No cost for the consumer;
  3. No risk for the consumer.

If you have a lemon vehicle, you should contact us and discuss this avenue for resolving your lemon law claim with the manufacturer. Before you litigate, consider the fact that we may be able to help you – as we’ve helped hundreds of others get their vehicle bought back by the manufacturer or replaced without filing a lawsuit.