Lawyer Rescues The Dream

Ok, so a few of the Woodward Dream Cruisers got a little carried away and actually burned some rubber. And guess what? The State Police and County Sheriff’s were right there to give them a ticket. But, in some cases, not just a ticket for excessive noise or something minor like that. Oh no! A “RECKLESS DRIVING” citation! That hurts. What next, tickets for having blue dots in the tail lights? The local police were much more lenient

Who will defend these helpless cruisers? Attorney Steve Lehto, whose office is in Farmington Hills, to the rescue. After hearing about the over zealous police action, and the injustice at the not-so-dream cruise on the WCSX “JJ and the Morning Crew” show, Steve stepped in and offered to defend-free of charge-cruisers who faxed their plight to his office that morning. So far, Steve has gotten five or six of the 15 tickets he is handling, ranging from excessive noise, drag racing and reckless driving, reduced to a lesser charge.

We, and attorney Lehto, think it’s a good idea to obey all of the traffic laws at the Dream Cruise and never endanger yourself or anyone else. We were there for the entire event and never saw any reckless driving and very little tire squealing. Mostly just car lovers having a great time as we had.

Steve knows about cars, especially bad ones because his specialty is helping car owners who have lemons get their problems addressed. His office number is 855-0866. We on the WHEELS staff salute Steve and the judge who restored the spirit of that wonderful Dream Cruise.