Defective Boats and RV’s

Steve Lehto can help you if you have purchased a defective boat or a defective RV.  If your Michigan boat or RV is a lemon contact Steve! If you have a defective recreational vehicle, you also must be aware of a disturbing trend in the RV industry. Lately, many of the RV manufacturers have been hiding disclaimer language in their owner manuals or warranty booklets; this language purports to limit your ability to sue the manufacturer by shortening the statute of limitations for claims brought for breach of warranty. Many courts in Michigan have been allowing this — and have thrown out lawsuits filed by consumers because they were filed too late. Normally, a consumer might have four years to file such a claim; the limited statute often requires a consumer to file an action within a year of the breach of their warranty. AND, this applies to consumers who do not even know about the limitation language! What this means to you is that you SHOULD NOT WAIT if you are having trouble with your RV. Act now, to find out if you have a claim and to see what you need to do to preserve your rights.